Pokémon Go

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

I'm obsessed with this mobile game. The game has been around since 2016. That's when I started my account. I played it for about 6 months and left it. I just returned back to the game about 6 months ago and now I can't put the game down. The game is simple and somewhat grindy, but I like it. Maybe I just like collecting stuff, and doing simple challenges.

It's kept me kind of sane during these COVID-19, social distancing times. I'll drive out during the evening with my phone, and from the safety of my car, I'll visit Pokéstops, trying to find those elusive Pokémon. I'll battle other players in gyms, and try to take them over.

Send me a message with your trainer code if you need a friend in game. I'll add you. I send daily gifts for that XP grind.